Yes, we cater! Enjoy your next event, and let us do the cooking! You can pick up or we can deliver for an additional charge. Minimum 48 hours notice preferred.

For our catering menu and to place your order please call Shelly at (707) 425-0500 or email

catering for Six Flags
Avgolemono (ahv-goh-lay-MOH-noh")
Traditional Greek soup made with chicken and rice, finished with a lemon and egg sauce
Gyro ("YEE- roh")
Thin strips of grilled beef marinated in Greek seasonings, typically served in pita bread
Keftethes ("kef-DE-des")
Savory meatballs served as part of an appetizer "Meze) plate
Mousaka ("mou-SAH-kah")
Layers of potato, eggplant and ground beef, topped with bechamel sauce
Pastitso ("pah-STEET-soh")
Pasta layered with seasoned ground beef, topped with bechamel sauce and baked to a golden brown.
Pastrami ("pah-STRAH-mee")
OK, so maybe it's not officially Greek, but it IS one of our specialties. Whether served on a soft roll or in our famous Pastrami Burger, if you're a Pastrami fan, you've gotta try it.
Souvlaki ("sou-VLAH-kee)
Like a kebab, Souvlaki is marinated beef, chicken or lamb on a skewer
Spanakopita ("spah-noh-koh-PEE-tah")
A spinach and feta cheese mixture, set between layers of phyllo dough
Tyropita ("tee-roh-PEE-tah")
Cheese-filled Greek pastry made with flaky phyllo dough
Tzatziki Sauce ("tsah-ZEE-kee")
A refreshing Greek yogurt sauce made with cucumbers, lemon and fresh dill

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